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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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Why I Love Eating Healthy

Hi friends! As I've mentioned several times now on this blog, I LOVE eating healthy, and am super duper passionate about it. Although I do have a big tendency to indulge and go to the bad side of the food spectrum every once in a while (or everyday), my intentions and goals with food is to forever eat more healthy than unhealthy food. Since I've talked about that so much, I thought I'd sit down and share the reasons why I'm such a huge proponent of healthy eating.

Proactive vs Reactive

I believe in being proactive about health rather than being reactive. I'd rather work to prevent diseases that are largely avoidable. And as a minority, I'm already predisposed to potentially having a lot of these diseases later down the line, what with genetics, limited access to health care, poverty, limited access to healthy food, among other reasons that minorities are more likely to contract these illnesses. And I'm going to be real and honest: I'm the exact opposite of rich. So even if I love eating healthy, it's not always the most practical thing for me to think about when I'm short for time and money. For anyone who may be as broke as I am (there is no shame in that, friends!), I wrote a post a while ago detailing tips on how I get the goods for the low.

I just don't want that 5 to 10 years from now I'm diagnosed with a slew of illnesses that could have been prevented had I taken my health seriously right now. Eating healthy is my way of investing into my health for the long haul, just so I'm not paying up the wazoo in crazy medical costs and having to pump my body with weird, albeit life-saving, chemicals. And even though it's not always as affordable or practical for my wallet and lifestyle, it's something I am willing to put my money towards, knowing that I'm nourishing my body to health now and into the future.

Natural Energy

This whole healthy eating obsession actually started when I was in high school. I've always been a chubster, my highest weight being 200 lbs. I started losing weight gradually over the years, but didn't hop onto the healthy living bandwagon until I took a nutrition class the summer before my senior year of high school. That class introduced me to the ways good eating habits can fuel your body, and how your body reacts when it's not given enough nutrients, or proper nutrients. After learning all of that, I took all of that information to heart and really started changing my eating habits, as much as I could anyway. 

That's also when something else happened: my beloved fast food started to make me feel sick. You know the saying, "You are what you eat"? Yup. I felt like crap. I'd feel tired, nauseous, and can feel the energy drain from my being after eating unhealthy food. I was like a sloth for hours after any bad food escapades, which I hated. It was literally never a good feeling. Whereas with fresh, healthy food,  my body would have energy for days. I'd honestly feel jolted, invincible, and unstoppable, as if I drank all of the energy drinks in Miami. I could take on Mt. Everest after stuffing my face with fruits and dressing-less salad. It was crazy for me to find my body acting like that, but it changed my attitude completely. And now eating fresh, healthy food is my go to in life. 

Those are my reasons for swearing by healthy eating. For those of you who may really want to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle, I hope this post, as well as other posts on my blog, will motivate and inspire you to make that choice. A tip I picked up along the way to help you with that: you don't have to give up your beloved junk food (I could never do that!), but eating everything in moderation is key. And even better? Swapping some of the unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives, or making it your self. Like brownies made with black beans or zucchini, or pizza made with cauliflower or oatmeal crusts. These will make eating your favorite treats a true delight.

I hope this post helped anyone reading this. You deserve to feel the best that you can, and glow like the queen that you are!

With love,

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