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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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171 Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List For Some Fun & Adventure (& to Sprinkle a Little Kindness Around, Too!)

Photo by David Lezcano

Hello, loves! Summer is just around the corner (and for those experiencing humidity and hot temps, it's already here). I love summer. It makes me almost giddy just thinking about the many adventures to be had, the people to meet with, and the new things to learn about yourself and the world. Bucket lists are a huge part of it, ever since I saw one in Seventeen Magazine a few years ago. I love using them to dream a little and to spring me into a different direction than I normally would go.

Below will be 100+ ideas to add to your summer bucket list. These ideas are meant to inspire you to have fun, seek constant adventures, step out of your comfort zone, and to sprinkle a little kindness around wherever you go.

Choose something if you run out of ideas for things to do or just need a boost in a different direction. I have also included links to the blogs where I got some of the ideas from. Feel free to check them out! I hope these things will help you to have fun, let down your guards, try new things, and become a better version of yourself. I hope you have an amazing summer full of love and adventure!
  1. Go hiking 
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Dance in the rain (Don't pay attention if anyone thinks you're crazy. You only live once, right?) 
  4. Try go cart racing 
  5. Climb a tree 
  6. Go skydiving 
  7. Prank someone 
  8. Photograph your world for a whole week. What do you see? 
  9. Hug a stranger (or someone who just really needs it)
  10. Donate to charity 
  11. Make someone laugh 
  12. Volunteer at a charity 
  13. Explore an area you’ve never been to before 
  14. Do something you’d never do alone, alone 
  15. Smile as much as you can for a whole day
  16. Buy someone dinner 
  17. Buy someone lunch 
  18. Go canoeing 
  19. Give 5 minutes of your time to a stranger who needs it. 
  20. Feed the hungry 
  21. Mentor a young person 
  22. Buy a ton of balloons just because
  23. Try a fancy recipe 
  24. Make a new friend 
  25. Invest in your passions, whatever that means to you
  26. Give a kid a toy 
  27. Connect with someone you haven’t connected with in a while 
  28. Comment on my blog ;) 
  29. Spend one week without social media 
  30. Hit the gym for one week straight 
  31. Try a new food 
  32. Try a new restaurant 
  33. Go to a museum 
  34. Go iceskating 
  35. Ditch one unhealthy food for a month 
  36. Ditch sugar for a week 
  37. Overcome one fear 
  38. Compliment a stranger 
  39. Read a book you would never read before 
  40. Listen to a song by an artist you can’t stand 
  41. Clean out your wardrobe 
  42. Listen to someone who has a different opinion than yours and respond in a positive way only 
  43. Stand up for someone who is being bullied/abused/harrassed/etc. 
  44. Go one day without using any technology 
  45. Go without a car for a whole day 
  46. Find your tribe 
  47. Do something you’d only ever dreamed of doing 
  48. Try meditation 
  49. Try yoga 
  50. Run a mile 
  51. Run 5 miles 
  52. Run 10 miles 
  53. Write a letter 
  54. Write a story 
  55. Go to a concert 
  56. Go to a sports game 
  57. Go to an amusement park 
  58. Give something away 
  59. Learn a dance routine 
  60. Write a song/rap 
  61. Don’t complain about anything for a week 
  62. Only say nice things for a week 
  63. Give 15 minutes of undivided attention to the person you love every morning for a month 
  64. Dance in public 
  65. Act like you’re in a musical for a day 
  66. Have a spa night or day 
  67. Think only nice things of yourself for a month, even if you don’t believe it 
  68. Pay it forward when you’re in line somewhere 
  69. Share my blog with a friend ;) ;) 
  70. Offer your services for free (like mowing the lawn, washing dishes, running errands) for someone who is in need 
  71. Go to a bonfire 
  72. Go to a barbecue 
  73. Go to a party 
  74. Host a party 
  75. Host a bonfire 
  76. Host a barbecue 
  77. Adopt a pet 
  78. Teach someone a skill you have 
  79. Don’t spend money for a week 
  80. Don’t spend money for a day 
  81. Get dressed up for no reason at all 
  82. Try a new game 
  83. Try a new app 
  84. Invent a new dessert 
  85. Draw a picture. Give it your best shot 
  86. Go on a picnic 
  87. Go for a walk by the beach 
  88. Watch the sun rise 
  89. Watch the sun set 
  90. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for 
  91. Discover an amazing new blogger 
  92. Comment on some blogs 
  93. Try something trendy 
  94. Detox from technology one day a week (
  95. Be a kid again for one day (play your fave kid games, watch your childhood cartoons, forget responsibilities for a day) 
  96. Learn a new instrument 
  97. Take a free course online 
  98. Go to a farmer’s market 
  99. Take lots of pictures 
  100. Visit a nature preserve 
  101. Try a 30 day challenge (whether it be health, happiness, or money related) 
  102. Generously tip at a restaurant 
  103. Take your younger sibs, cuzs, nieces, nephews out for a fun day at a park/movie/toy store/ice cream shop 
  104. Buy something from a small business (
  105. Tackle one insecurity head on 
  106. Forgive someone 
  107. When grocery shopping, buy extra food for a food bank (
  108. Leave a funny note in a library book to make someone smile (
  109. Break a bad habit 
  110. Learn a new skill (like coding with codeacdemy) 
  111. Go rollerskating 
  112. Try a new sport 
  113. Eat birthday cake, even if it’s not your birthday (it’s someone’s birthday somewhere, so celebrate that!) 
  114. Look up at the sky every once in a while 
  115. Count the amount of stars you see in the sky (if it’s too many to count, you are the luckiest person ever) 
  116. Buy yourself flowers 
  117. Find a perfume scent that makes you smile 
  118. Encourage someone to do things to their fullest potential 
  119. Make a long list of things that make you smile/happy 
  120. Dive into a new hobby 
  121. Try not eating out for a week 
  122. Try not eating out for a month 
  123. Detox from bad foods for a day 
  124. Make a smoothie 
  125. Make a natural diy beauty product 
  126. Make a collage of all of your favorite things 
  127. Make a mood board 
  128. Make a collage of things that make you smile/happy/inspire you 
  129. Discover new music 
  130. Be spontaneous one day. Do something you'd never do, or say yes to everything (within reason). 
  131. Make people feel good about themselves 
  132. Focus more on the good things 
  133. Be more considerate of other people 
  134. Keep a journal 
  135. Splurge on one thing that brings you joy 
  136. Build a giant sandcastle 
  137. Explore a castle 
  138. Swim with dolphins 
  139. Spend a day with your favorite animals 
  140. Save the world, one person/animal at a time*(however you interpret this) 
  141. Send a surprise present to someone via the mail 
  142. Show appreciation for public sector workers (mailmen, bus drivers, teachers, etc.) 
  143. Create an app 
  144. Create a website 
  145. Go rock climbing 
  146. Do a random act of kindness 
  147. Tip bigger at a restaurant 
  148. Go grocery shopping for someone else 
  149. Discover a new TV show 
  150. Take yourself out to lunch or dinner.
  151. Go on a hayride 
  152. Be a scientist for a day. Buy a science kit. 
  153. Email a former professor and leave them a compliment.  
  154. Read a newspaper (physical one) 
  155. Make a cartoon  
  156. Skip a rock across the water 
  157. Save up to buy something BIG 
  158. Give someone a handmade gift. 
  159. Repurpose something of yours 
  160. Donate some of a paycheck to charity 
  161. Plant a tree 
  162. Hug a tree 
  163. Go one whole day without your phone (yea I went there :) 
  164. Sponsor a child through an organization 
  165. Do an internship 
  166. Shadow someone in the profession you want to be in later 
  167. Go to a circus (😢😞 sniffle, sniffle) 
  168. Go to a play/the theater 
  169. Go to an improv class 
  170. Take an art class 
  171. Take a photography class
For more ideas for that bucket list of yours, here are a few more links to some amazing websites bursting with ideas (each word will have a link!).

With love, 

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