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About Me

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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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3 truths and a lie

Hello loves! School has been seriously stressing me out these past few weeks, so much so that my body has started retaliating. Whenever I get stressed out, my body has a way of telling me that I need to un-stress by me just feeling sick. My body needs a bit of time to unwind and heal, and my soul is begging to be fed. Since I won't be able to do that until school is over (which is going to be in 4 insanely slow weeks ), I'm going to have to take a break from the blogging realm to finish this semester with as little stress as I can (I make myself laugh lol).

With that, though, I want to come back and really give this little blog as much of my love, attention, and creative energy as I can give it. I've been itching to do things differently around these parts, and to do things that people may have never really seen (or at least I've never seen). I've also been contemplating where I want this blog to go, and whether I really want to take this blogging thing seriously, in which case I'd really need to bunker down and get to work. So, that means that for now I'm going to hold off on blogging and social media (for the millionth time), finish this semester from hell, and then come back and hopefully be able to pour out as much of my love on here as I can.

So expect a few shakeups and maybe a couple of quirky, wonky posts. For now, I leave you with 3 truths about myself and a lie. If you think you know which is the lie, leave it in the comments section below!

1. I haven't taken a selfie in months.
2. I hate strongly dislike school.
3. I love rap music.
4. I am the queen of being awkward.

With love always,

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