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About Me

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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

Looking for Something?

Where Am I?

Hey loves. For any person who may be following along in my adventures, you may have noticed my lack of posting, and if you haven’t well…..yay?

I have just not been feeling like myself as of late. I know that I wrote about being lost earlier, which was probably the most honest I’ve been on this blog to date, but the feeling of being lost has grown into me feeling stagnant and not knowing what to do anymore.

See, my problem is that I’m a classic, Type A overthinker. I overthink things I’ve already overthought to the point where I just want to pluck out my brain and give myself a thinking break. 😝I overthink things to the extreme, which leads me to feeling really confused and uncertain after a while. 

When it comes to this blog, I’ve changed my intentions for it so many times to now I am just at a standstill, not knowing if I want to continue anymore with this. I really wanted this blog to be my creative and expressive outlet, to write down and share things with people (meaning you, you beautiful person you!) that I wouldn’t be able to share otherwise, but I’ve gotten caught up in this whole comparison game that has sucked the fun out of blogging for me. 

Whenever I stumble upon someone’s blog or happen on those posts sharing things that you “Absolutely Must” or “Definitely Shouldn’t” do in the blogging realm, it makes me question my whole life. Well, just my blogging one, anyway 😛. I’ve been posting things that I thought I needed to post to fit into a niche, tried to find colors and fonts to evoke a “brand,” tried to force my blog posts to be more “SEO-friendly," and have tried to stuff my poor little slice of the internet into a blogging box that just wasn’t really meant for me. I’ve lost my heart and vision for this blog, which sucks because all of the content I actually want to share with you gets tossed out the window with anything else that doesn’t seem like will get any real views. 

I think it’s awesome that other blogs focus on and do these things and find great success doing so. I really do. I just get caught up in dreaming that I’ll have anywhere near that level of success, so I change all that I want for my blog to try to do what they do, but in the process I just lose myself. 

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I want to do better on this blog, and post things that are awesome and exciting. Even though probably one person will see this other than myself (which I am still over the moon grateful for!), I want this blog to be the best that I can make it, for you, for me, and ultimately for Him, for His joy and glory. 

I'll definitely be figuring out some stuff around these parts, but at some point, and hopefully soon, I'll get into a blogging groove where nothing can stop me from blogging my heart out, other than my slow typing fingers. And I kinda don't want to make false promises and say to look out for another post on this topic of being lost (cuz then I might not actually post it), but something like that may be coming along. 

For now, my loves, I bid you ado!

With love,

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