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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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My Goals for 2017

Happy New Year, loves! It's always so exciting to see a new year. It's a time for new beginnings, new chances, and overall hope for the awesomeness that is to come. 
In the past I haven't been too keen on creating resolutions, just because this little dreamer would always come up with ones that were seriously impossible to follow through with, especially on a teenage budget. Meeting Justin Bieber? Really? Yea, I didn't think so. 

Not only that, but for me, the term resolution became synonymous with failed attempts, which discouraged me from even wanting to create any in the first place. After an amazing message in church coupled with a few inspiring videos on Youtube last year, that mindset changed to wanting to create realistic goals that can help me start the year off right. 

So here are all of my goals for 2017!

Eat at least 1 fruit and 1 vegetable a day
Try a different color of the rainbow each week (food wise)
Do at least 30 minutes at the gym every week
Switch 100% to natural skincare products
Go to therapy (the mind plays an important part of health. Make sure you feel well in all aspects!)

Prayer/devotionals every morning
Nightly prayers
Go to church(!!!!)

Post at least once a week
Hit 10,000 page views a month by December (I'm a dreamer)

Work towards a 3.90 GPA

Pay off medical debt
Donate 5-10% of all income to charity

Volunteer at a charity/organization during the summer
Eliminate all social media for a year
Don't be afraid of conversations/being seen
Stick to my word (and always be honest)

Some of these look a bit lax for my longterm health and fitness goals, especially the 30 minutes a week at the gym, but it's important for me to be realistic about my goals, taking into account my schedule, time commitments, my unique traits (aka laziness), and current health issues. The 30 minutes a week is just a starting point though, and I know that once I start going to the gym, the only thing that will stop me is my health (a post on that to come). 

The only goal I dared to dream big with was with my blog views. It's hard to come by traffic as a baby blogger, but going small with the page view amount didn't feel right to me, so 10k it became. Even though the odds are stacked against this blog, especially since I'm ditching social media for a while, sometimes you just have to let your imagination run wild and dream a little.

I wanted to share all of these with you in hopes that you will be able to help keep me accountable with these goals, which I talked about in a previous blog post, and hopefully inspire you to set some goals of your own. And you do help me a lot on this health journey, whether you know it or not. Just knowing that you will view this helps motivate me to be healthier (cuz I don't want to be a hypocrite), which in turn allows me to have more things to offer you on my blog. So a million smile and heart emojis go out to you for reading this!

Side note: This year has been rough, both nationally and internationally. You may have also dealt with some not-so-awesome times on the personal front, but don't let these get you down. No matter where you are in life, just know that each year holds heaps of potential to be amazing. There are so many good things waiting to happen to you in the new year (a lot of love to experience, many beautiful people to meet, a ton of growth to go through, and many adventures to be had). So hold your head high and trust in the magic of new beginnings (Meister Eckhart). Here's to strutting into 2017 as if it was your runway!

With love,

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