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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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How to Stay Active During the Holidays

The holidays are inching closer, and with that comes the marvelous piles of food that will be waiting to greet us during family dinners, vacations, or wherever else you plan to spend your holidays. With that can also come a parade of calories and lots of lazy days on the couch.

I love the holidays for exactly this reason (a lazy girl's paradise), but sometimes the inactivity, coupled with the food and leftovers, can leave me feeling a bit bleh, so I want to share a few tips to help you and myself get up more and leave the bleh feelings for where they truly belong: far, far away.

Go for a walk

I know, this advice is almost cliche, but its the best advice in the book, especially this time of year. With all of the beautiful Christmas lights and stars shining out, not to mention the lack of the insane humidity, walks around the neighborhood can be kind of magical. Gather up the fam, bundle up in your warmest knits, take a nice hot cup of cider/coffee/cocoa, and make amazing memories that will last you a life time, while also helping your whole family to stay active.

Park farther away

Nothing new to tell you here. Instead of fighting to find that parking spot in front of the store, park farther away so you can get more steps in. And in the case of those monolithic parking garages at the mall, challenge yourself to take the stairs up to the first level before escaping to the elevator, and if you can, do a couple of flights more. Not only will you get your heart rate up, but you'll also be working out those glutes. Can I get a "yassss" anyone?

Turn a grocery haul into a mini workout session

I got this tip from one of my favorite fitness youtubers Cambria Joy. You essentially use your bags of groceries as your weights and do lunges from your car to wherever you are plopping your groceries down. You can also lift the bags up and down as you walk from your car, have fun tossing around a few of the sturdier items to your friends and fam, do squats with them, or whatever mini workout you can do with weights. Just sub in the groceries and you are good to go!

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

It's good to have those lazy days on the couch every now and then, especially if its been a while since you sat around and treated yourself. In the midst of that relaxation, try to stretch your muscles. There are so many amazing benefits of stretching, and not just for exercise, as stretching can increase the blood flow to the muscles and improve your posture. Plus, if you are a regular sitter (you sit for hours a day most days of the year), your muscles could use some of that stretching love so they don't become atrophied from limited use. So get up between those episodes and do a few stretches, maybe throwing in a couple of lunges as you move from the couch to the kitchen for those snacks.

The old-fashioned workout

If you're looking to stay super active during the holidays, then the gym is the way to go. If you don't have a gym membership, there are so many great videos and apps available to help you stay in shape for free. I already mentioned in a previous tip one youtuber for great fitness advice. One app I'd recommend is the 7 Minute Workout app. A workout in seven minutes? Count me in.

There are so many things you can do to keep active while helping the bleh feelings from those couch potato days to stay away. I hope this will help you to keep feeling like the beautiful little light that you are.

With love,

*Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored!

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