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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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Why I Love Eating Healthy

Why I Love Eating Healthy

Hi friends! As I've mentioned several times now on this blog, I LOVE eating healthy, and am super duper passionate about it. Although I do have a big tendency to indulge and go to the bad side of the food spectrum every once in a while (or everyday), my intentions and goals with food is to forever eat more healthy than unhealthy food. Since I've talked about that so much, I thought I'd sit down and share the reasons why I'm such a huge proponent of healthy eating.

Proactive vs Reactive

I believe in being proactive about health rather than being reactive. I'd rather work to prevent diseases that are largely avoidable. And as a minority, I'm already predisposed to potentially having a lot of these diseases later down the line, what with genetics, limited access to health care, poverty, limited access to healthy food, among other reasons that minorities are more likely to contract these illnesses. And I'm going to be real and honest: I'm the exact opposite of rich. So even if I love eating healthy, it's not always the most practical thing for me to think about when I'm short for time and money. For anyone who may be as broke as I am (there is no shame in that, friends!), I wrote a post a while ago detailing tips on how I get the goods for the low.

I just don't want that 5 to 10 years from now I'm diagnosed with a slew of illnesses that could have been prevented had I taken my health seriously right now. Eating healthy is my way of investing into my health for the long haul, just so I'm not paying up the wazoo in crazy medical costs and having to pump my body with weird, albeit life-saving, chemicals. And even though it's not always as affordable or practical for my wallet and lifestyle, it's something I am willing to put my money towards, knowing that I'm nourishing my body to health now and into the future.

Natural Energy

This whole healthy eating obsession actually started when I was in high school. I've always been a chubster, my highest weight being 200 lbs. I started losing weight gradually over the years, but didn't hop onto the healthy living bandwagon until I took a nutrition class the summer before my senior year of high school. That class introduced me to the ways good eating habits can fuel your body, and how your body reacts when it's not given enough nutrients, or proper nutrients. After learning all of that, I took all of that information to heart and really started changing my eating habits, as much as I could anyway. 

That's also when something else happened: my beloved fast food started to make me feel sick. You know the saying, "You are what you eat"? Yup. I felt like crap. I'd feel tired, nauseous, and can feel the energy drain from my being after eating unhealthy food. I was like a sloth for hours after any bad food escapades, which I hated. It was literally never a good feeling. Whereas with fresh, healthy food,  my body would have energy for days. I'd honestly feel jolted, invincible, and unstoppable, as if I drank all of the energy drinks in Miami. I could take on Mt. Everest after stuffing my face with fruits and dressing-less salad. It was crazy for me to find my body acting like that, but it changed my attitude completely. And now eating fresh, healthy food is my go to in life. 

Those are my reasons for swearing by healthy eating. For those of you who may really want to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle, I hope this post, as well as other posts on my blog, will motivate and inspire you to make that choice. A tip I picked up along the way to help you with that: you don't have to give up your beloved junk food (I could never do that!), but eating everything in moderation is key. And even better? Swapping some of the unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives, or making it your self. Like brownies made with black beans or zucchini, or pizza made with cauliflower or oatmeal crusts. These will make eating your favorite treats a true delight.

I hope this post helped anyone reading this. You deserve to feel the best that you can, and glow like the queen that you are!

With love,

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171 Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List For Some Fun & Adventure (& to Sprinkle a Little Kindness Around, Too!)

171 Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List For Some Fun & Adventure (& to Sprinkle a Little Kindness Around, Too!)

Photo by Sebastian Gabriel

Hello, loves! Summer is just around the corner (and for those experiencing humidity and hot temps, it's already here). I love summer. It makes me almost giddy just thinking about the many adventures to be had, the people to meet with, and the new things to learn about yourself and the world. Bucket lists are a huge part of it, ever since I saw one in Seventeen Magazine a few years ago. I love using them to dream a little and to spring me into a different direction than I normally would go.

Below will be 100+ ideas to add to your summer bucket list. These ideas are meant to inspire you to have fun, seek constant adventures, step out of your comfort zone, and to sprinkle a little kindness around wherever you go.

Choose something if you run out of ideas for things to do or just need a boost in a different direction. I have also included links to the blogs where I got some of the ideas from. Feel free to check them out! I hope these things will help you to have fun, let down your guards, try new things, and become a better version of yourself. I hope you have an amazing summer full of love and adventure!
  1. Go hiking 
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Dance in the rain (Don't pay attention if anyone thinks you're crazy. You only live once, right?) 
  4. Try go cart racing 
  5. Climb a tree 
  6. Go skydiving 
  7. Prank someone 
  8. Photograph your world for a whole week. What do you see? 
  9. Hug a stranger (or someone who just really needs it)
  10. Donate to charity 
  11. Make someone laugh 
  12. Volunteer at a charity 
  13. Explore an area you’ve never been to before 
  14. Do something you’d never do alone, alone 
  15. Smile as much as you can for a whole day
  16. Buy someone dinner 
  17. Buy someone lunch 
  18. Go canoeing 
  19. Give 5 minutes of your time to a stranger who needs it. 
  20. Feed the hungry 
  21. Mentor a young person 
  22. Buy a ton of balloons just because
  23. Try a fancy recipe 
  24. Make a new friend 
  25. Invest in your passions, whatever that means to you
  26. Give a kid a toy 
  27. Connect with someone you haven’t connected with in a while 
  28. Comment on my blog ;) 
  29. Spend one week without social media 
  30. Hit the gym for one week straight 
  31. Try a new food 
  32. Try a new restaurant 
  33. Go to a museum 
  34. Go iceskating 
  35. Ditch one unhealthy food for a month 
  36. Ditch sugar for a week 
  37. Overcome one fear 
  38. Compliment a stranger 
  39. Read a book you would never read before 
  40. Listen to a song by an artist you can’t stand 
  41. Clean out your wardrobe 
  42. Listen to someone who has a different opinion than yours and respond in a positive way only 
  43. Stand up for someone who is being bullied/abused/harrassed/etc. 
  44. Go one day without using any technology 
  45. Go without a car for a whole day 
  46. Find your tribe 
  47. Do something you’d only ever dreamed of doing 
  48. Try meditation 
  49. Try yoga 
  50. Run a mile 
  51. Run 5 miles 
  52. Run 10 miles 
  53. Write a letter 
  54. Write a story 
  55. Go to a concert 
  56. Go to a sports game 
  57. Go to an amusement park 
  58. Give something away 
  59. Learn a dance routine 
  60. Write a song/rap 
  61. Don’t complain about anything for a week 
  62. Only say nice things for a week 
  63. Give 15 minutes of undivided attention to the person you love every morning for a month 
  64. Dance in public 
  65. Act like you’re in a musical for a day 
  66. Have a spa night or day 
  67. Think only nice things of yourself for a month, even if you don’t believe it 
  68. Pay it forward when you’re in line somewhere 
  69. Share my blog with a friend ;) ;) 
  70. Offer your services for free (like mowing the lawn, washing dishes, running errands) for someone who is in need 
  71. Go to a bonfire 
  72. Go to a barbecue 
  73. Go to a party 
  74. Host a party 
  75. Host a bonfire 
  76. Host a barbecue 
  77. Adopt a pet 
  78. Teach someone a skill you have 
  79. Don’t spend money for a week 
  80. Don’t spend money for a day 
  81. Get dressed up for no reason at all 
  82. Try a new game 
  83. Try a new app 
  84. Invent a new dessert 
  85. Draw a picture. Give it your best shot 
  86. Go on a picnic 
  87. Go for a walk by the beach 
  88. Watch the sun rise 
  89. Watch the sun set 
  90. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for 
  91. Discover an amazing new blogger 
  92. Comment on some blogs 
  93. Try something trendy 
  94. Detox from technology one day a week (
  95. Be a kid again for one day (play your fave kid games, watch your childhood cartoons, forget responsibilities for a day) 
  96. Learn a new instrument 
  97. Take a free course online 
  98. Go to a farmer’s market 
  99. Take lots of pictures 
  100. Visit a nature preserve 
  101. Try a 30 day challenge (whether it be health, happiness, or money related) 
  102. Generously tip at a restaurant 
  103. Take your younger sibs, cuzs, nieces, nephews out for a fun day at a park/movie/toy store/ice cream shop 
  104. Buy something from a small business (
  105. Tackle one insecurity head on 
  106. Forgive someone 
  107. When grocery shopping, buy extra food for a food bank (
  108. Leave a funny note in a library book to make someone smile (
  109. Break a bad habit 
  110. Learn a new skill (like coding with codeacdemy) 
  111. Go rollerskating 
  112. Try a new sport 
  113. Eat birthday cake, even if it’s not your birthday (it’s someone’s birthday somewhere, so celebrate that!) 
  114. Look up at the sky every once in a while 
  115. Count the amount of stars you see in the sky (if it’s too many to count, you are the luckiest person ever) 
  116. Buy yourself flowers 
  117. Find a perfume scent that makes you smile 
  118. Encourage someone to do things to their fullest potential 
  119. Make a long list of things that make you smile/happy 
  120. Dive into a new hobby 
  121. Try not eating out for a week 
  122. Try not eating out for a month 
  123. Detox from bad foods for a day 
  124. Make a smoothie 
  125. Make a natural diy beauty product 
  126. Make a collage of all of your favorite things 
  127. Make a mood board 
  128. Make a collage of things that make you smile/happy/inspire you 
  129. Discover new music 
  130. Be spontaneous one day. Do something you'd never do, or say yes to everything (within reason). 
  131. Make people feel good about themselves 
  132. Focus more on the good things 
  133. Be more considerate of other people 
  134. Keep a journal 
  135. Splurge on one thing that brings you joy 
  136. Build a giant sandcastle 
  137. Explore a castle 
  138. Swim with dolphins 
  139. Spend a day with your favorite animals 
  140. Save the world, one person/animal at a time*(however you interpret this) 
  141. Send a surprise present to someone via the mail 
  142. Show appreciation for public sector workers (mailmen, bus drivers, teachers, etc.) 
  143. Create an app 
  144. Create a website 
  145. Go rock climbing 
  146. Do a random act of kindness 
  147. Tip bigger at a restaurant 
  148. Go grocery shopping for someone else 
  149. Discover a new TV show 
  150. Take yourself out to lunch or dinner.
  151. Go on a hayride 
  152. Be a scientist for a day. Buy a science kit. 
  153. Email a former professor and leave them a compliment.  
  154. Read a newspaper (physical one) 
  155. Make a cartoon  
  156. Skip a rock across the water 
  157. Save up to buy something BIG 
  158. Give someone a handmade gift. 
  159. Repurpose something of yours 
  160. Donate some of a paycheck to charity 
  161. Plant a tree 
  162. Hug a tree 
  163. Go one whole day without your phone (yea I went there :) 
  164. Sponsor a child through an organization 
  165. Do an internship 
  166. Shadow someone in the profession you want to be in later 
  167. Go to a circus (😢😞 sniffle, sniffle) 
  168. Go to a play/the theater 
  169. Go to an improv class 
  170. Take an art class 
  171. Take a photography class
For more ideas for that bucket list of yours, here are a few more links to some amazing websites bursting with ideas (each word will have a link!).

With love, 

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To the Aimless Wanderer (Finding Purpose)

To the Aimless Wanderer (Finding Purpose)

Hi friends! For any of my wild dreamers reading this, have you ever just felt aimless, like your just wandering around in a desert waiting for that A-HA moment to strike? That moment where the reason why you're here, the reason you're on this Earth, is discovered?

I’ve been seeing a lot of people my age doing really big things. They’ve been achieving their goals and dreams, getting married, having kids, finding their tribes, landing amazing jobs, and the like, while I’m just sitting here behind this blog, just wishing for some idea as to where to head next. 

I’m not whining nor complaining in the least bit. I love seeing people achieve their dreams, and become the success they deserve to be, growing and becoming ever-better versions of themselves. 

I also love where I am. I have the amazing ability, as well as the time, to be able to wander a bit. To let life happen and enjoy it as it goes on. This blog is almost a reflection of that, since my posts always seem (to me) random and scattered and unexpected, but do contain true gems that I would not have stumbled upon had these ideas not been brought up. This part of aimless wandering is probably the best. To not have a set plan or routine really allows me to to remain open to all that life really has to offer, and allows me to adventure and explore life and all of it's avenues.

I’ve never been a steady dreamer, though, meaning that what I wanted to be always shifted with every new season, which isn’t bad. It just leaves me feeling unsettled, like an aimless wanderer. Like I’m walking in a desert into the unknown, turning over every rock to figure out where to head next. And sometimes, when I see all that people my age are accomplishing, I want to have a set path, too. I want to know what I'm meant to do on this earth, to have a dream that I can pour my sweat, blood and tears into.

It feels like some days I just grab things from thin air and work towards them just because I want to feel like I'm amounting to something, rather than waiting to find something that makes all of the obstacles worth it. And that's something I've noticed: ALL roads and journeys have obstacles, no matter how easy those roads may look to outsiders. I was in a major that I swore was going to be super easy, but in the midst of it I became so overwhelmed by the requirements, the forever changing laws, and the politics behind it all that I really had to quit (To all my teachers out there, you guys are the best. I have nothing but respect for what you guys do day in and day out). I also realized that I had no passion for teaching, and the more I tried to push through, the more that my increasingly irritated heart fought back. Whatever my path is, I know that I'm going to hit obstacles, but I want what I do to be worth them all. 

I don't know what God may have up His sleeves for me, but I know I'll be fine, and so will you, fellow wanderer. To not have a clear purpose right now gives us time to discover what sets our souls ablaze and breaks our hearts. It allows us to find our true passions as well as our voice as we wait to find that purpose. 

And yes, you have a purpose.

Every single person born onto this planet has a purpose, a beautiful one, even if we don't see it. Some open our eyes to the injustices of the world, others compel us to check our hearts for the bad qualities that can be our undoing, while others are really the superheroes with no capes, swooping in to save us when we least expect it. 

You have a purpose in this life, a grand purpose that causes you to see a new day every day. We may be wandering about with no target in sight, but we'll discover it, and when we do, there will be no stopping us until we've achieved what we set out to do. So enjoy the adventures your wandering will bring, and remain open to any roads that scream potential. You'll find your purpose.

With love, 

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The Reasons Why I'm Detoxing (& The 5 Ways I'm Doing So!)

The Reasons Why I'm Detoxing (& The 5 Ways I'm Doing So!)

Hi my loves! This school year has probably been one of the worst years in my history of school. Seriously. I was almost always miserable and drained of energy. Not to mention the near constant drama that I faced at home and my health issues all led to a VERY stressful and nerve-wracking year. Not only that, but I was becoming someone I couldn't even recognize anymore. I was angry and snappy and wanted absolutely nothing to do with people. I also at one point stopped caring about everything. I became numb to what was happening around me, and could only get out of that fog to think about whatever was next on the pile of stress.

It wasn't all that bad, though. I met a ton of incredible and sincerely magical people (they could be unicorns and fairies they are so rare on this planet), laughed a ton, smiled a lot, and experienced new things. Even so, my body is drained from being so overwhelmed by stress, and is in need of some love and care. So for the next month, I'm detoxing. How, you may ask?

Natural Products

I'm switching out all of my skincare products for ones that are more natural and with ingredients I recognize. I've been living for the Nourish Organics Face Cleanser lately. It does the job extremely well, which is not what I was expecting at all! I also switched out my deodorant to one that was natural and organic, and am working on finding a shampoo that my scalp will love, especially after the fail of the last shampoo I tried. I want to try a natural toothpaste too, but the idea of using a toothpaste without fluoride is kinda scary...Idk. I'm just weird 😜.

Healthy Eating

Anyone who has known me for years knows that I really believe in the power of healthy eating. Having a healthy diet can help prevent numerous diseases, and I think it is so important to be preventative and proactive rather than be reactive later down the line.

Personally, I love eating fruits and veggies to the point where I will eat salads bare, and shove handfuls of lettuce into my mouth with nothing whatsoever. Yea, it can be a little bland (by a little I mean A LOT), but I just love knowing that I'm putting good things into my body, and nourishing it to health. Bad eating practices from last semester have absolutely eroded most of that, but I'm getting back on the saddle and am shoving my face with handfuls of lettuce again. I'm ditching the greasy, fatty, and sometimes gross unhealthy food for made-at-home healthier options, save for the few treats to keep me sane and my sweet tooth happy. While I'll miss my late night runs to Burger King, I won't miss the bloating and the energy drain.

Sweat and Tone

My last real workout hasn't been since my freshman year....of high school. It's been over five years since I've made fitness a part of my life, and even though I've talked about it a few times on my blog, my couch potato heart and slow turtle body made going to the gym an impossible feat. My body is kind of screaming in retaliation now, so I'm working out from home, using a few apps to help me out. I've been loving breaking a sweat and working my body, which is currently super sore from the workouts. But it's been so helpful in melting away stress and making me feel connected to myself again. Sweating is also one of the body's ways of detoxing by getting rid of the toxins in the body. So yay for that!

No Tech Zone

Since school has ended, the need for me to be connected 24/7 has drifted away. With group projects and procrastination binges over and done with, I want to be away from tech and focus on living my life in the moment. I'm the type of person who is my best self when I'm able to have quiet time to sit and reflect on what's happened, and use that quiet time to recharge and be better than before. Being as connected to technology as I've been made it impossible to find time to even think, let alone delve into quiet solitude. With no summer classes ahead, I have so much more time to shut it all off and focus on what matters and what's important to me. I have time to pray, to journal, and to truly enjoy my online escapades whenever I do turn on my tech again. Turning off the tech is my way of detoxing the emotional gunk from my soul, and so far I feel so much lighter and like I'm able to breathe.


Journaling is my favorite way of understanding my emotions and sorting through the craziness that tends to happen in my life. My journaling habits have died down with my increased use of technology and social media, which has not been the best thing for me, a constant and quiet reflectionist (a made up word, I know) with a need to express my thoughts and heart. I want to spend at least 15 minutes per day writing in my journal, in hopes I'll get back into a place of journaling more often.

So that's my detox process. I'm hoping that by the end of May I'll be feeling a million times better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Wish me luck on that (especially when it comes to ditching fast food. Old habits die hard). And if you find yourself in a place where you're not acting as you normally would and are miserable way too often, I hope my detox process will give you some ideas on how to detox on your own. Taking a break from some things that aren't all that essential or even detrimental to your being, and replacing it all with things that nourish your body, mind, and soul will almost always leave you feeling like the queen (or king for any fellas reading this) you deserve to be.

With love,

P.S. I recently wrote about this on my Instagram, and the Nourish Organics page actually reposted my pic! If there was a meter for how loudly I'm screaming internally right now, I'd be on the moon.

P.P.S. Here are some amazing articles to read when it comes to what I've mentioned above. Hopefully these articles will you more in detoxing, and in your health and wellness journey as a whole!

Fresh Food By Prescription : Fresh, healthy food as medicine for diabetes, and how amazing the results are, as well as other information that can be really eye-opening.

How Poverty Changes the Brain : Amazing article talking about stress from poverty and how that stress can impact the brain, as well as what one organization is doing to reduce that stress (although this is an amazing article from a humanity viewpoint, it has a lot of amazing points that any overly stressed out person can appreciate).

How Stress Affects Your Body: Cool video with illustration

How Stress Affects Your Brain: Another cool video with illustration

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain: A third cool video with illustration

Is "Digital Minimalism" the New Digital Detox?: Talks about digital detoxing, explains the intent behind it, and gives some advice.

The Ultimate Single-Day Digital Detox (Bathtub Required): Detoxing toxins and other weirdness you can get from being attached to technology all day

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Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Remember this quote the next time you have an interview, or you start your first day at a new job. Remember this on first dates and first days of classes, during presentations or weird run-ins. Remember this whenever the winds shift and the leaves turn over, whenever life signals a new start, a change, or a new adventure. You were made to do great things in this lifetime, things you may have never even thought possible. So go on. Shine your light, and drain it from every room. Be yourself wherever you go, and just know that you were made to do incredible, incredible things.

Smiley faces & XOs,

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