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About Me

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I’m Sabrina, a 20 year-old college student who believes that love and kindness - to yourself, your body, and others - can lead to magical things.

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New Ventures

New Ventures

Hi friends. It feels like I've abandoned this poor old blog but I promise I haven't. I've been spending time launching a side project called, "The Wild Dreamer." In a sense its another blog, but its also a space for my thoughts to roam and for my passions to be unabridged. I always felt weird posting my thoughts on this site, mostly because it just didn't fit with the whole health and wellness thing I had going. I'm super excited to have a space where I can share my heart and what's on my mind with people, while also being unafraid to dream my wildest dreams. Idk if there will be much dreaming, but it's a space that will hopefully inspire that within you and I (if you choose to check it out). Plus I just live the name the Wild Dreamer. It stuck with me the moment I thought if it, and fortunately for me it was available so I nabbed it before anyone could claim it.

But I couldn't ditch Dear S, With Love, weird name and all. I am still super committed to this site, and just needed time to understand the point and purpose of what I was doing here. I think I got a little carried away with the wellness thing, and tried to act like I knew what I was doing when in reality I'm learning along the way. I'm not an expert and can never be one, but I look forward to sharing my experiences with healthy eating, fitness, mindfulness, and anything wellness with you. I have a few ideas that I still want to post on this site, but I definitely won't be as active in this space as I've been these past couple of months. I just wanted to come back with a clear and stronger focus and know that what I post has meaning. This blog is my attempt at fostering positivity as much as I can in a life that can be so filled with caustic energy and bad circumstances. I want this to be a good vibes only site! 

Thanks for being super patient with me. Look forward for more posts to come. And a major disclaimer: I am far from being remotely professional, and I don't really care to be so get ready to see a ton more fails from my life on this blog. Thanks for sticking around and supporting me here. You're so awesome and lovely and am grateful for you stopping by and reading this.

With love forever and always,

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The Collective Vol. 2 (What I've Loved in June)

The Collective Vol. 2 (What I've Loved in June)

Hi loves! Another month has just whooshed past. Soon it's going to be fall, then it's the Holidays, then 2018. Sigh, beautifully bittersweet. Coming back to the present, June has been a great month. I didn't do much, but I did discover a lot of things online, so yay for that. From amazing brands and companies that I've fallen in love with, to movies I cried to, to articles that really made me think, there are a ton of amazing things waiting to be shared. Without further ado, my June faves!


Me Before You: I balled my eyes out watching this movie. I cried from the middle of the movie onwards. It was so sad yet beautiful and I just love romance movies. This is definitely in my top 5 movies for sure.

America's Got Talent: Sigh. I love, love, love this show. Its funny and sweet and spectacular and jaw-dropping and goose-bump inducing. It is seriously one of my favorite shows to watch in the summer.

Moana: Super, duper late on the hype train, I know, but it was so, so good! I sang along even though I had no idea what they were saying, cried and laughed and loved. Moana is inspiration for sure.

Fitness Videos: I've been watching a lot of these, mostly for inspiration or for moves to do, and it's been great.


Basically everything on the radio this summer are amazing and make me just sing or dance along, but these are the ones that have stood out of the pack. 

Champions by Fallout Boy: Um...obsessed?! This song is one of the best songs I've heard in a while. I just love it tons and tons and tons.

All You've Ever Wanted by Casting Crowns: Ugh. Simply my obsession. Whenever I hear it I smile from ear to ear because the truth of those words are ones I forget way too easily, but when I hear it I'm just so grateful.

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back by Shawn Mendes: There's nothing holding me back from jamming to this song whenever I hear it. 

Despacito Remix by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber: The song I'm always humming along to, just because I have no idea what they're saying.

Heroes Tonight by Dylan Gardner: It's so sweet and happy!

Wanting + Loving:

marble & milkweed: I want basically everything on their website. Seriously. Especially their clay cleanser. It just looks so dreamy! And reading the creator's philosophy of being in harmony with Earth is just pure gold.

Thrive Market: Thrive Market is one of those brands that I just want to share with the world. I love their ethos. They care so much about healthy food, that they want to share that healthy food with those with limited access to it. I just love it, love it, love it. And if you didn't know, I am OBSESSED with packaging, so of course when my shipment came from them I was in a daze with how beautifully and carefully everything was packed. Plus my order confirmation came with an adorable "thanks" message scrawled on. Sigh. A truly amazing company.


I'm a big time reader, as can be seen how little I watch things. I just find reading helps me to better process the information presented. It's just how I like to consume content. 

True Greatness is Given, Not Taken: Tiny greatness, or success according to society's terms, pales in comparison to the greatness that is inherent in us all (all because of God's grace). It really inspired me.

Is Technology Wrecking Our Mental Health?: Some amazing and valuable tips to shy away from technology once in a while, and to be more social on social media.

How Your Mental State Affects Your Skin: I've been loving the idea that the mind and body are so interconnected that anything from the mind can impact your skin and body. Reading up on the connections between these different systems are really interesting, especially when it comes to my skin, which shows where my head is at way too often.

Eco-Friendly Beauty—Cruelty-Free Beauty Tips: I have a major obsession with clean, natural beauty and skincare products. This article offers a lot of great tips to help you do just that!

9 Ways Fashion Blogging Ruined My Finances: This blog post totally opened my eyes to how crazy blogging can be financially. I don't want to go broke blogging (especially since it's not making any money), so I'm taking notes and heeding Jessica's advice.

27 Titus Andromedon Quotes That Will Make You Say "Same TBH: The title says it all 😂😂😂

One-month Sugar Detox: A Nutritionist Explains How and Why: My name is Sabrina, and I was once a sugar addict. Lol, but seriously I would crave sugar to the point that if I had nothing sweet in the house, I'd just eat sugar straight out of the canister. It was weird and wasn't ideal, but it hit the spot when I just needed a hit of sugar. Fast forward to now, after doing a bit of a detox, and I am no longer an addict. I credit articles like this for my sugar transformation.

Called to Create: I love, love, LOVE their devotionals. They provide a different but beautiful perspective when it comes to creating and being a creative, whether it be in business, creating products, or in my case, blogging. I wouldn't consider myself a creative, but I love all of their advice, and reading it has really changed the way I view my blog and changed my intentions behind it, too.

If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things, Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think: This is a beautiful article that helps you to ensure every area of your life, from health and finances, to relationships and environment, are helping you and those around you to be better.

'Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan' – my day at the Goop festival: The only thing I got from this article was how the wellness industry is geared towards wealthy people. I'm not trying to insight a riot or anything of the sort. At all. It just makes me a little sad that wellness and healthy living lifestyles are so out of reach for those who can sincerely benefit from them (particularly the poor, who some wealthy elites love to target and have no concern for, even though poverty is a vicious cycle that unfortunately some aren't able to break free of because of systemic factors. Which is why I'm not a big fan of Whole Foods at the moment, mostly because the head of that grocery store chain insinuated that poor people are the only ones to blame for their health woes, amongst other things that made me so angry I had to click out of the article. Now I only wish I knew what article it was to link it here. Oh well.)

Thanks for reading along, friends! I always hope that you all will find something worthwhile in these posts. I hope that July will be an amazing and beautiful month full of love, adventure, and wild dreams for you all.

With love,

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My Healthy Summer Morning Routine

My Healthy Summer Morning Routine

Photo: Unsplash/Oliver Cole

 Hi, internet friends! It's summer, which gives you time to chill and laze about (yay!). This also gives you time to dedicate to your health and wellbeing. I've always loved summers for just that reason. Since there's nothing distracting me, I have more time to tune into my body and listen to what it needs, and tend to my spirit and soul and feed them what they need.

I've used past summers to create some mighty lofty goals, like losing weight and reading more, which I actually would work towards (go me!). I would also use that time to dream of the future, of what I want and where I want to be, and craft ways to get me there (wild dreamer from the start). 

This summer, rather than dreaming and scheming and reading as I normally would, I'm instead listening to my body for the first time in almost a year, and trying to do things that will help me feel better, less chaotic, and more centered, which will enable me to help other people better (I was such a negative, selfish crabby pants throughout this past year. I kind of lost my heart for people and lost my way in general, forgetting the passions and loves that pumped life into my every step).

With that, here is my "healthy" morning routine!

Wake Up

In order to have a morning routine I have to wake up, amiright? So I wake up. For which I am beyond grateful for every single day. And I try to do this stress free, so no alarms for me.


I try to wake up every morning with the intention of being in God's presence. Prayer centers my heart for the day, and reminds me to live my best life, for Him, for others, and for me. It's also an opportunity to start my day off on a positive note, which really helps me to be more productive and get things done.


I try to read these at the same time as I pray. They often guide me towards making better choices in my day, or just open my eyes and heart to ideas and perspectives that I would have never been aware of. My favorite devotionals ever are Oswald Chambers's "My Utmost for His Highest" and Brian Hardin's "Sneezing Jesus." So good!


Once again I TRY to do this as I pray and read devotionals to try to wake up my body and get blood flowing. It's also great when I wake up with cramps (I'm a weird sleeper). It reminds me that I have a body to take care of, and gets me into the mindset of moving that beautiful body to express my utter gratitude for it.

Work Out

I really want to make it a habit that I work out every morning before life (and excuses/laziness) get in the way. I have this habit that I wake up and go straight into the world of social media, and there are so many times where I leave it feeling overwhelmed with the hate and negativity people can so easily spew. I'd so much rather wake up and work out instead, putting out positive vibes into my space and in the world by treating my body well and showing appreciation for all that it can do (and not dwelling on all that it isn't able to do yet), which always inspires me to treat others well, too. 


Somewhere in there I try to set up my water for the day, placing 6 bottles in a place where I can see them all day long. It helps me to remember to drink as I go about my day. When it's 2 pm and there's still like 4 bottles out and about, it tells me to drink up! But please, my loves, there is also such as thing as too much water, and if you find that its late in the day and you haven't drunken as much water as you'd like, don't stress out about it, and please don't try to chug it all in a small time frame. Take it slow, and pick back up the next day. 

Light a candle

Somewhere in my routine I like to light a candle. It just brings a sort of ambience, and the flame calms me. I just love it. Plus the scent always adds a subtle fragrance in the air that makes me feel at ease.

Eat Breakfast

Before I eat anything else I like to eat chia pudding, mostly because they aid with digestion. The fiber helps things to move better through the digestive track, while the protein fills me up. It also has an amazing source of calcium and iron, which are great for sustaining bones and blood. 

After about 30 minutes or so (or longer if I'm not too hungry), I'll make and eat my breakfast. These days my breakfasts have consisted of scrambled eggs or fruit and some nut butter. Not my favorite way to wake up in the morning, but I'm sticking with that Paleo life (for now). 

Other stuff

After all of that, I wash my face, brush my teeth, and shower. I also moisturize using shea butter, and I'm ready to start my day!

| | |

This routine energizes me and enables/encourages me to be positive and make healthy choices throughout my day. I quoted the word "healthy" above because healthy is and will always be different to every person. You have to listen to your body's needs as well as what it doesn't like in order to determine what will be the healthiest for you (listening to your doctor is also good, too!). For some people, healthy will look like only veggies, fruits, and meats on their plates because anything else can disrupt their whole body, while others can get away with eating seriously anything their hearts desire (meaning dairy and grains), without feeling any adverse affects. One person's healthy routine can include yoga or meditation, and another's can just mean extra sleep and no breakfast, because that's what fuels their body best.

I want you all to look and feel YOUR best, each and everyday. So please, take some time each day and just listen to your heart and body, and take note of anything funky that's happening that has not happened before, and seek the best ways to remedy those situations. You only have one body. No matter what state it's in, cherish it and love it to the fullest. Appreciate every curve and bump that you have, and show that love by moving once in a while and nourishing it with things that it loves. Investment into your health and your body will pay off immensely in the future.

With love,

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 I don't like to be vocal about these kinds of things, only because I like and want my blog to be a beacon of positivity and light, and dealing with national or international tragedies/injustices, or dipping into political rhetoric invites confrontation and dampens my efforts to be as loving and positive as I'd like to be. But there are times where I REALLY need to share what's on my heart, not necessarily to rant, but to maybe just open eyes to why things hurt my heart as much as they do.

Philando Castile is a black man who was murdered by a police officer about a year ago in Minnesota, U.S.A. And yesterday, his murderer walked away without a conviction, got to go home to his family and friends, and am 99.9% sure will be going back to work policing that same city very soon. Philando Castile? He didn't get that opportunity.

It breaks my heart, and honestly angers me, that black people are being killed left and right by police officers with absolutely no repercussions, and the very, very few who do get sentenced come so few and far between that we honestly forget. There have been several stories of people genuinely fearing that being pulled over by a cop will be the end of their life. Take this article that broke me. A woman was in tears because a cop pulled her over. She was scared that that would be her last day. She didn't do anything wrong. She was actually driving under the speed limit. But that means nothing anymore. Black people can try their hardest to be "upstanding citizens," but our lives just don't matter. 

And it honestly discourages me. I'm always aware of who I am when I'm in public and when I'm online, because I A) don't want to ever meet or deal with a racist who has an issue with me breathing the same air as them, and B) I don't want to make people uncomfortable. I literally recoil when I'm around people who aren't visibly minorities. I cross the street when people approach me just so I don't have to watch them do it and know that they're doing it because I'm black. I carry small purses to stores so no one can think that I'm shoplifting, and I always buy something whenever I walk into a store because I don't want people to think that I stole something or was casing the store. I'm aware of my every move as a black person, because I genuinely fear what would happen if I wasn't. The stories of people being followed by security guards, of racist encounters when they're literally living their lives. I can't. I really, really can't. 

But at the end of the day, no matter how careful some black people are, no matter how much they change themselves to fit into the mold of the ideal citizen and person, people will always view us as a threat. And sometimes we aren't even people. We are subhuman. Sometimes it honestly feels like society cares more about animals than black people. Prime example? That Harambe gorilla story, that in my honest opinion, got a STUPID amount of coverage. People cared way more about that gorilla who, yes was unfortunately shot, than the poor child who was saved. Had it been a child of a different color, I believe it would have been a different story.

Not to mention the fact that around the same time that story broke out, another black man got shot. But all I saw all over social media was about Harambe, not about the human life that was lost in a similar way. That crushed me, and made me lose so much faith in humanity. That people can go on and on about what happened with a gorilla, but not about a human being. It just spoke volumes.

Even in my area, being the large and vibrant hub of my beautiful Haitian people that it is, we aren't safe. A unarmed black man was shot within my city, so close to home base that I couldn't ignore the reality of the situation anymore. By a police officer who encounters a lot of black people in his day, whose bosses are black. I was stunned, and I realized that no black person is ever safe from police.

I didn't write this to insight anger or negative emotions. I wrote this because I want to plead to the humanity of whoever is reading this. I fully understand that we all have different stories, so our perspectives on issues will often differ, but I just want to say that the death of an innocent human being should not be taken lightly. It shouldn't be something that we brush under a rug.

I want to live in a world that cares about each other and each other's hurts, and I'm not just talking about the black community. There is a large amount of racism and ignorance as it pertains to other groups of people, namely the muslims, refugees, Mexicans, LGBTQ+ community and Native Americans. They are hurting. We are hurting. The ones who are continually being treated brutally, are being oppressed, and its not right. If we can fight for the fair treatment of LGBTQ+ people, if we can honor the memories of those lives lost in the Holocaust, and remember just how tragic that was, we can fight for those groups who are being unfairly treated today, who's cries are being silenced or ignored.

Those are my thoughts. I totally get that some of you may/will disagree with my sentiment, and that's fine. I didn't share this to shove it down anyone's throat or criticize/judge anyone. I wrote this as a person who is tired of seeing unjust things in this world happen daily, and is tired of remaining silent about it too. I want to use my platform, no matter the size, to fight for those who can't, and to fight for those who are voiceless or are being ignored everyday. And we all have platforms. As long as we are alive and breathing, we have the power to change things for the better, no matter the size of our audience.

Sometimes it only takes one person to start a movement. It takes the power of one person to change the world. And if you want to be that person, don't let fear or other people's opinions stop you. Change the world, start a movement, and help the powerless gain power and a voice.

That's the end of this lengthy tirade. If you read to the end of this, I love you to the end of the universe and back, even if you disagree with what I wrote. Thanks for reading, and remember that you have a platform. Your life is your platform. Use it well.

With love,

P.S. I wrote this little bit but couldn't find a place to slip it in. I still think its important to read so here it is, just floating around all on its own 😊:

We have been fighting for a seat at the table for so long that when we get fed scraps we feel like a stride has been made, and when we finally get that seat, we rejoice, but are instantly faced with hate from outsiders and those at the table, telling us to our face and in subtle ways that we aren't good enough to sit there. 

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My Skin Journey (7 Healthy Habits That Radically Improved My Skin)

My Skin Journey (7 Healthy Habits That Radically Improved My Skin)

Photo: Unsplash/Blake Lisk

 Hi, beautiful people! For a long time I've had problematic skin. I had acne throughout middle school and early high school. Once that cleared up, I still dealt with really rough, bumpy, dull skin that had acne marks, white heads and black heads. That doesn't include the flakes I'd get during the dry winter months. All in all, my skin was in dire need of help.

Since my sophomore year of college ended, I've had time to sit and try out different things, from eating less processed and fried foods, to drinking more water. Since doing all of that, my skin feels transformed. It feels hydrated and softened, with whiteheads and blackheads basically disappearing. Like, I don't know what sorcery these habits are, but my skin has not looked or felt this good since I was a baby.

Drinking 6+ Bottles of Water a Day

I struggled with staying hydrated. There was one time when I stuffed 4 bottles of water in my bag for school just to try to help myself out. Since drinking 6 or more bottles of water a day (the 16.9 fluid ounce ones), my skin has softened up insanely. I feel so much more hydrated, and I feel so much better too. Its hard to remember sometimes to drink all of it, but what helps is placing the water bottles out every morning, so I can see exactly how much I'll need to drink before I go to bed. And if I'm going out, I grab at least two bottles so I can make sure that I stay hydrated while I'm out (without paying the crazy prices for water bottles at stores or vending machines).

Your body needs water to survive. Your cells use it to flush out toxins and to transport nutrients. Without proper hydration, your cells and some organs would not work at maximum efficiency. Water is also super important for aiding digestion, for replenishing water you lose through sweat and other bodily functions, and it helps you excrete waste and toxins from the body. Water is essential to your wellbeing. This article explains the reasons why water is so important in greater detail, and also gives you a way to check if you're getting the proper amount of water.

Using Organic, Natural Products

Since using the Nourish Organic Cream Cleanser, my skin has honestly never felt better. It feels cleaner, softer, and a lot more moisturized, but doesn't feel like it's stripped like my other cleansers would feel. I don't tend to use moisturizers on my face simply because it can feel too thick and makes me feel weird, and can cause me to break out. I'm experimenting with some things, though, so I'll update you guys as I find something that helps! 

For my body, though, I have such dry skin that it needs some extra love. I've been using raw, organic shea butter as my moisturizer, and my skin has never been so in love. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. 

It's not the best for every area, like my legs and arms, because those areas are so rough and bumpy they need a water-based product to moisturize effectively (I have keratosis pilaris, so fat or oil based products don't really penetrate my skin too well). This is completely my experience though, and I would totally recommend you try the shea butter for your whole body. It has a light nutty, earthy scent which can be weird for some people (based on the reviews I've read), but goes away quickly.

I feel like my skin is responding to the things that it recognizes, and is extra happy since I've found an alternative to the chemical laden products I'm used to using. 


Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin cells that can pile up on your skin. Doing this at least twice a week has helped my skin to be softer and feel cleaner. I only say twice a week because the way that I used to do it was so harsh to my skin (scrubbing with a little towel), that I wouldn't want to damage it further by doing it more. Of course, there are safer ways like using the little brushes or chemical exfoliators, but once again, I'm not the biggest fan of how harsh or abrasive those can be on my skin.

Something I've been trying out lately has been a honey mask with a bit of sugar in it as an exfoliator. Its sticky and messy, but I seriously love it. I use one tablespoon of raw, organic honey; 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of avocado or avocado oil, and 1 tablespoon of sugar. I mix it all up then apply it on my face, moving it around in small, circular motions. I leave it on for five minutes, then remove it with a warm towel. My skin feels so soft and it really glows after this. I just love it!

Clean Eating

Eating food that is minimally processed and free of things that would upset my body has really helped me to feel better both inside and out. I cook my own meals from scratch, mostly, using foods that are processed as little as possible. I've also been avoiding foods that I have an intolerance of, mostly dairy. I also try to eat fruits and veggies at every meal, and I make my own snacks, like brownies, cakes, cookies, or chips. Making these myself enables me to customize them to suit my needs and tastes, and also gives me the ability to make them as healthy as possible. 

These beans came straight from the garden in my backyard. Aren't they beautiful?

What has helped with my clean eating mission is that I made it my mission this summer to spend my money on things that were life-giving, rather than things that weren't nourishing. This has helped me to stop spending money on junk food, and helped me to be more conscious of the foods I put in my cart, and in my body. 

Color of the Rainbow

I think I have a problem in that I toss leafy green vegetables into almost everything. I toss it in rice, in pasta, in eggs, in brownies. If I can add greens in, I do. I've been loving spinach and kale lately, even though kale can be super duper bitter eaten raw. Green, leafy vegetables, like spinach and kale, have a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help the skin bounce back and rejuvenate (like vitamin C, which helps produce collagen and fights free radicals). 

Eliminating Stress

Not only can stress wreak havoc on your brain and body, but apparently, stress can do some damage to your skin, either directly or indirectly. Some people bite their nails or pick at pimples when they're stressed, sometimes causing further harm to the sensitive skin around the nail or causing dark marks to appear where the pimple once was. In other ways, stress can impact your cells and organs and how they function.

Throughout this past year of school, I've been so stressed and tense that I could barely have time to think. Since school ended and summer started, I've had so much more time to just relax, to unwind and to melt away the stress. It's honestly been so good to be able to breathe and enjoy my days, rather than watch time fly by under mountains of stress.

What I've done to help with my stress reduction are journaling more, logging off of all social media a few hours before bed (I like to say sianara to the negative influences of social media so I can focus on infusing my night routine with calm and tranquility), having some quiet time to just think, and choosing to invest my time wisely into the things that are meaningful and purposeful, and avoiding things that drain me.

| | |

There are a few more things I'd like to try to help my skin further, from trying face oils and oil cleansing, but aside from that these are what I've been doing, and I've noticed a solid difference in my skin. Of course I get a few pesky little bumps every now and again, but this has helped my skin to soften up and even out tremendously. I used to have the most annoying and persistent black and white heads in the world. No matter what I did, they'd stay put on my face, making me look beyond weird. I haven't seen those silly billies in a while, which I think is probably a result of all of the stuff above.

I'm not a dermatologist nor am I really qualified to be giving you advice in this area, but these are the things that I've done with a side result being better skin. None of this is meant to treat or cure anything, and is only being told from my experiences (just erring on the side of caution).

So yea. I hope this helped you lovely people in some way!

With love,

P.S. Did any of you watch the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale? If so let me know in the comments below what your thoughts were! (Nick, as always, absolutely stole my heart. And those girls are truly inspiring rebels. Strength is just written all over their faces).

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